Appliance Therapy in Peabody, MA

As a multi-specialty general dentist near you, Dr. Donaldula has the training and experience to provide a range of auxiliary and specialty dental care spanning from appliance therapy near you to emergency dentistry. If you’ve never explored the benefits of appliance therapy, we invite you to keep reading to learn how Peabody Dental Group can provide you with the added protection you may require against injuries from sports or the consequences of bruxism (teeth grinding).

Wondering if You Grind Your Teeth at Night?

Since many people who grind their teeth at night will sleep right through it, not everyone is aware of the damage they are doing to the health and functionality of the teeth.

Although the exact causes of bruxism are unknown, our dentist will be able to determine through an examination whether or not you are grinding your teeth and what can be done to prevent the condition from worsening. Some factors that may be contributing to your teeth grinding include stress, anxiety, drinking alcohol, smoking, sleep apnea, fatigue, and caffeine consumption. To combat the risk that teeth grinding will take on the health of your smile, our dentist near you can treat the condition with a nightguard that’s made of the material best-suited for your comfort and the degree of bruxism that you’re experiencing.

Consider Sports Guards Near You for Added Protection

While it’s true that you can purchase sports guards over-the-counter, there is no guarantee that they will be comfortable or provide maximum protection. Instead, you can choose a custom sports guard from our dentist in Peabody, MA as a part of our appliance therapy protocol that is guaranteed for comfort and safety. If you want to make sure that your child has the protection they need when they’re playing sports, there is absolutely no substitute for a professional sports guard that our dentist can customize for a precise, comfortable, and protective fit. Also, because we’ll have your records on file, getting a replacement should your sports guard ever become lost or misplaced will be a snap!

Learn More About Appliance Therapy Near You

If you’d like to learn more about night guards for teeth grinding or sports guard for smile protection, we invite you to make an appointment today with Dr. Donadula for a consultation and treatment plan.

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