Dental Bridges in Peabody, MA

Dental bridges are versatile, affordable, and durable restorations that can last for several years with proper after-care and good oral hygiene.

Our friendly team at Peabody Dental Group is happy to discuss the costs, benefits, and features of different types of dental bridges.

What Are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges help act as restorations for missing teeth and help patients chew, bite, and speak properly. They rest on two teeth located on either side of a gap (these are referred to as abutments) and are firmly secured for added durability.

Dental bridges can also be secured to implants; in fact, implants are not vulnerable to decay, and the bridge is likely to last for longer. Only your dentist can replace or remove a dental bridge.

Our dentist in Peabody, MA, will first make a detailed assessment and determine the best type of dental bridge for you. For instance, if your front tooth (or teeth) are missing, they may recommend a resin-bonded dental bridge.

Once the dental bridge is fixed, it will fully restore your speaking and chewing abilities.

How to Extend the Life Span of Dental Bridges

Dental bridges can last for much longer with proper oral hygiene and brushing. Regular brushing and flossing to clean away food particles can help prevent decay. If the abutments (anchor teeth) become decayed, the dental bridge my become unstable and may need to be replaced.

You can also follow these recommended after-care practices:

  • Use an inter-dental brush or a proxy-brush to clean between teeth and under false teeth as well as natural teeth. These help clean debris from nooks, crannies, pits, and grooves that are difficult to access with conventional toothbrushes.
  • Eat a healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and limit the intake of sugary foods and drinks.

Visit Peabody Dental Group in Peabody, MA, for more information about dental bridges. Regular exams and cleanings can keep decay – and dental bridge replacements – at bay. Call or email us for an appointment today.

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