Dental Exams and Cleanings in Peabody, MA

Some patients brush off routine cleanings and exams because they are under the incorrect impression that regular dental appointments are not necessary. We at Peabody Dental Group want you to understand that while brushing your teeth and at-home care is important, only professional cleanings done at a dental office can thoroughly maintain your oral health. Routine visits to Peabody Dental Group in Peabody, MA are also crucial because dental examinations can prevent serious complications before they arise or alert the dentist and you to the presence of complications not visible or noticeable so that appropriate treatment can be prescribed. Regular dental exams and cleanings at a dentist near you are vital to your smile and your health.

Comprehensive Examination and Cleaning at Peabody Dental Group

At your dental exam and cleaning, a member of our dental staff will visibly examine your mouth. We will be looking for signs of cavities, periodontal disease, and screen for signs of oral cancer. The earlier we identify any oral problems you may have, the higher the chance for successful treatment. Seeing our Peabody Dental Group dentists regularly improves the chances that you will not need more invasive and more expensive dental treatments and procedures in the future.

As a part of your comprehensive exam, the dentist may also choose to take some x-rays at our Peabody, MA dental office. Often, x-rays can show dentists what is going on between the teeth where they cannot see and under the surface of teeth. Damage that is not visible to the naked eye can be seen on x-rays. First-time patients will have x-rays taken to provide a baseline for future dental visits and monitor progress.

After your teeth and gums have been examined, our dentists or dental hygienists will deeply clean your teeth to remove any plaque or tartar that your regular toothbrush may be missing. For stubborn tartar, your dentist may recommend a deep scaling.

Visit Peabody Dental Group for Your Dental Needs

Even the best at-home products cannot compare to professional care. We highly recommend that you do not put off your biannual cleaning and examination and that you call our office to schedule an appointment in Peabody, MA.

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