Oral Cancer Screening (VELscope®️) in Peabody, MA

Oral cancer screening can help detect early signs of oral cancer and increase the likelihood of a complete cure. If left undetected, oral cancer can spread and pose a threat to life.

Every year, oral cancer is detected in more than 30,000 people, and it is crucial to get timely treatment. The best way to reduce oral cancer risks is to get annual oral cancer screening done.

What Is the VELscope®️?

Most dentists screen patients for oral cancer during routine dental checkups. FDA-approved VELscope®️ is an additional tool that helps them accurately detect hidden signs of oral cancer.

According to our seasoned dental experts at Peabody Dental Group, the VELscope®️ is a modern device used to detect oral cancer signs that may not be visible during a routine examination. The VELscope®️ does not diagnose the abnormality as oral cancer, but it can spot hidden lesions, patches, and bumps.

The device is a blue, excitation lamp that helps detect precancerous and cancerous lumps and sores.

How Does the VELscope®️ Work?

Our dentist in Peabody, MA, will shine the VELscope®️ into the oral cavity, and the fluorescent light highlights unusual tissue changes. One of the biggest challenges with oral cancer is that the symptoms look similar to non-cancerous conditions and may be easily mistaken for less serious problems.

The VELscope®️ allows our expert dental team at Peabody Dental Group to see below the surface. When the dentist shines the VELscope®️ light on healthy, soft tissue, it shows up as green while the problem areas appear darker.

Regular oral cancer screening in Peabody, MA, can help detect abnormalities early.

Advantages of Using the VELscope®️ for Oral Cancer Screening

There are several benefits of using the VELscope®️ for oral cancer screening:

  • It detects red and white patches and lesions
  • It detects problem areas which may not be visible under white light
  • It helps dentists check if diseased tissue has been completely removed
  • It increases the chances of survival and cure

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