Preventive Dentistry in Peabody, MA

We only get a single set of permanent teeth in a lifetime. If you’re looking to enjoy your natural teeth years to come to come, preventive dentistry should be on your list of non-negotiables. Preventive dentistry focuses on putting measures in place to ensure dental problems don’t occur.

For both adults and children, preventive dentistry begins at home. It’s recommended that you clean your teeth with toothpaste and a soft-bristled brush at least two times every day, for atleast two minutes each time. As far as flossing, once a day is the minimum threshold.

Besides at-home dental hygiene, scheduling regular appointments with your dentist puts you at a vantage point as far as safeguarding your dental well-being. Peabody Dental Group is a premier, multi-specialty dental practice that provides preventive dentistry in Peabody. As a dental practice that caters to patients of all ages, our objective is to ensure everyone who visits us gets to enjoy a bright, healthy, and confident smile for a lifetime.

Preventive Dentistry Procedures

We offer an extensive range of personalized preventive dentistry procedures, including:

  • Dental x-rays
  • Comprehensive oral exams
  • Dental exams and cleanings
  • Dental sealants
  • Oral cancer screenings
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Mouthguards

Our preventive dental services are available to patients of all ages, and we adjust our treatment procedures accordingly, depending on the needs of the patient. Our dentist in Peabody has extensive experience in serving patients from all walks of life and will ensure you feel safe and relaxed during your appointment.

Preventive dentistry procedures are non-invasive. You won’t require anesthesia or sedation. However, sedation may be recommended for patients struggling with extreme dental anxiety, but this will be after a thorough assessment by our dentist near you.

Why Preventive Dentistry Matters

Dental offices aren’t scary places. A key reason why many people are scared of going to the dentist is that they wait until it’s too late. If you wait until you have severe cavities and require root canal treatments, you may be anxious and hesitant.

By prioritizing preventive dentistry, you can avoid the need for lengthy, complicated, and invasive restorative dental procedures.

Your oral health impacts your overall health, with some oral diseases such as gum disease being linked to heart health issues. When you protect your oral health, you safeguard your general health as well.

Please don’t wait until it’s too late. Many dental problems start subtly and will continue to fester without showing any symptoms. Our dentist is trained in the identification of such issues, even in the absence of apparent signs.

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