Sports Guards in Peabody, MA

People who play team or extreme sports need to take precautions to protect their teeth. Although they may wear a helmet to protect their heads, that won’t help them if they fall and hit their jaw or an object hits them in the mouth. Sports guards can protect teeth and possibly prevent concussions too.

Custom versus Stock Mouth Guards

Sports or mouth guards fit over the teeth to keep them from chipping, fracturing, or being knocked out during sports competitions. Our dentists at Peabody Dental Group in Peabody, MA, can keep your or your children’s teeth safe by customizing a sports guard for your mouth. By fitting over the teeth, it keeps them from hitting each other if you or they get hit in the mouth or head during a football, baseball, basketball, or hockey competition. The guards can also absorb the shock of hits, tackles, or other impacts by stabilizing the jaw. There are three types of sports guards from which to choose.

Stock Mouth Guards

Stock guards are available at stores selling sporting goods. They come in sizes for kids and adults and are prefabricated so that they are ready to use right away. However, many children have issues breathing and talking when wearing stock mouth guards because they don’t fit their mouths well.

Boil and Bite Mouth Guards

Boil and bite guards are also available at sporting goods stores and come in children’s and adult sizes. They are designed to fit better than stock guards because users need to boil them in hot water to soften the plastic, then bite down on it to leave the impression of their teeth. This helps the mouthpiece to conform to the wearer’s teeth to get a better fit.

Custom Mouth Guards

Our dentists in Peabody, MA, at Peabody Dental Group will use a mold to get an accurate impression of your teeth to make a custom sports guard. Custom guards conform to the teeth and mouth better than over the counter mouth guards, which provides more protection for their teeth and jaws.

Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a serious athlete and need custom sports guards for yourself or your kids, come see us at Peabody Dental Group in Peabody, MA, to get fit for them.

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